Real And Well Evolved

By Devvon Terrell



The unselfish purpose in life is to leave behind a moral standard for your family and future generations. One that compliments and exist in the earthly spirit and the internet spirit to define the death spirits power.



Your spirit exist in three realms. The earth, in death, and the internet.

Depending on the connection between the two living spirits (Earthly And Internet) determines the quality of a person’s mind. We want to obtain the best quality mind. Which does not ultimately mean money but rather a more powerful currency known as balance.

Balance of energy determine the quality of a person. Sticking to your morals and goals while portraying that in both living realms (Earthly And Internet) respectfully strengthen your mind’s quality and power amongst all.

The stronger the alignment of the Earthly and Internet spirit, determines the power and longevity of the death spirit.

A higher quality mind will result in a better life and understanding that can be past down for generations and even ultimately feed those future generations.



The Earth realm is who you are in real life, how are you with family and friends. Are you doing any good in the world? Does your presence make others uncomfortable? It’s all about how you carry yourself, and the energy you project day to day in person on earth through physical energy.

The internet realm. What is your energy on the internet are you vindictive? Are you supportive? What does your name make people feel when they hear or see it? Is it a big presence?

The death realm is non living and is purely energy, what does your name mean in death? Are you praised or are you frowned upon? How do people feel when your name is uttered?



The death spirit governs the earth spirit and the internet spirit. Because depending on the energy of your 2 living spirits on earth will determine the power of the death spirit. Does your death spirit have the energy to make money and support your family although you are not even alive? Does your life lay any type of example? How rich is your spirit in death?

These spirits determine your life and balance. In order for all three to flourish the two living spirits must align. Depending on how powerful and strong the bond of the living spirits (Earthly and Internet) will determine the energy, longevity and power of the death spirit.

If the internet spirit is not aligned with the earthly spirit it will throw off the balance resulting in a disassociated lackluster quality mind. Due to the minds conflicting realities. Living one way in the internet state and the other way in the earthly state. Ultimately hindering the minds quality.



The internet realm is the most attractive to your mind. It’s easy to access, it’s literally tailored to your interests. And it feeds you information whether false or not that incites your emotions in your mind

In the earthly space people are careful with their actions because there are bigger consequences and the physical energy unlike the internet can actually be felt. Leading to a stronger restraint of professing narratives and rhetoric. 

If your earth spirit is strong and confident your internet spirit has the chance to be powerful and prophetic. 



Not existing in the internet realm will make people uncomfortable and question your identity. If others in the internet realm see you don’t exist they will question who you really are and will ultimately effect you in the earth realm with its social standing. If you were to die your death spirit would be weak because you need both spirits (Earth and Internet) for your death spirit to carry on and have greater potential. When dying without an internet spirit you must depend on the people you have influenced with your earth spirit to continue your death spirit. Which will prove to be extremely difficult.



Your internet spirit is most vulnerable and can easily be manipulated. This is your spirit in a false world. One made up of imaginative energy. Full of spirits that have the ability to disrupt all three of your spirits. The evil energy are the people on the internet realm covered by a cloak of “fake morality”. Fake morality is a disguise worn by many to allow them the ability to move swiftly in the realm. The fake morality acts as a shield to the person. Not allowing you to see who truly exist behind the spirit. It is the most deceptive presence in the realm and has the ability to gain influence quickly. It is impossible to tell who is truly behind there morals and who is not. Only way this can be perceived is through the earth spirit which has the ability to hide completely.



I want people to understand the energy they release on a daily basis in the earthly realm as well as the internet realm.

I want people to show strength and not succumb to the imaginary and impressionable energy of the internet realm.

I want people to realize that what energy they exert in the internet realm must be matched by the earthly realm to determine the quality of that persons mind.

I want people to realize that matching living spirits can not be defeated or manipulated as they are truth and are not effected by fake morality.

I want people to understand that how you are currently living defines your growth, never be afraid to show your scars from the earthly realm.

I want people to realize that spreading fake moralities and fake energy from the earthly realm transferred to the internet realm results in bad energy.

I want the everyone to live their truth, ultimately giving balance and true substance to the world.

Devvon Mcleod